Personal Portal

We Provide to each Member with they Personal Portal, That way only you have access to it.

Clean Code

We Work with Big Developers that Makes our Portal Simple but useful.

Music Delivery

We take Around 24 hours upto 2 days To make your release Live at the Stores.

Brand new app to blow your mind

We’ve made a System
that will change you

We are here to listen from your Feedbacks

New tool - Royalty Slip System.

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Social video monetization

We know how the music Industry is shifting constantly and how your needs as an artist change so we have teamed up with the most important social platforms to give you more for your creative content. Earn money when your songs are being used in videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Stories.


Spotify Promotion

Getting promotion after your release has been published is essential. At NZ NATION we care about all of our content and we create new ways in getting your music into the spotlight.


NZ NATION Organic Addition

Uploading new content to NZ NATION boosts your probabilities to be added to our Genre specific playlists, our curators pick the best content on a weekly basis. Being added will include mentions on our social media platforms and streams on our Youtube Channel.


Boost Me

Go beyond with Boost Me, we created a unique webpage for you to share with your fans and expose your project.


Presave Campaigns

Being saved on your favorite streaming service is important for your growth as an artist. We want to make sure you have the very best chance at hitting the viral charts and place well on playlists.


  • Keep 100% of your rights Music Delivery Content
  • Unlimited Releases
  • Keep 85% of your Royalties
  • Limited artists - 1 artists or Band Only
  • Stores - 57+ Stores
  • Content ID and Soundcloud Monetization
  • Early Spotify Verification
  • Free SmartLink


well, at first I was a little skeptical about this because of the EXTREMELY fast delivery time that was available for FREE. However, after using your distribution service I can safely say that it is by far the fastest and easiest distribution websites out there especially for free.


I like this app it helps me the fact that you can distribute stuff to YouTube other networks dont

Lil pandyVEVO

It's a great app really helps in promoting and distribution but the only problem is that it's slow maybe if you guys can do something about that it would help alot.

Michael Essien